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A bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution is a requirement for entrance into one of Northland’s master’s programs. Applicants to the doctoral program must have earned a recognized master’s degree (MA/MRE/MMin/MEd, etc.). Any applicant to a master’s program having earned less than a 3.0 grade point average in his or her undergraduate program may be accepted on probationary status through the first two semesters of the required curriculum.

The following are criteria for admission:

  • a clear testimony of salvation,
  • involvement in a Bible-believing local church,
  • a willingness to subscribe to the patterns of life and conduct of Northland’s guidelines and standards,
  • a recognized bachelor’s degree, and
  • current immunization records (for resident students only).

Additional Requirements for MMin and DMin Applicants

  • The applicant should have completed at least two years of ministry experience after having received his bachelor’s degree. The applicant must maintain “in ministry” participation for the duration of his formal study at Northland and show the growth and competence in leadership and ministry skills that are normally expected at the master and doctoral level. The ministry requirement is necessary for the testing of ideas and the building of pertinent program principles into the applicant’s ministry.
  • The applicant must receive a formal written endorsement from his church (deacon board) or a ministry supervisor (see application).
  • The applicant will be required to participate in an initial interview with the director of Northland Graduate School in conjunction with his first on-campus class.