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Dr. Antone Goyak | Vice President for Academic Affairs Northland International University

goyakWith a love for the field of education, Dr. Goyak has spent his last six years of ministry at Northland International University helping students to develop a passion and biblical worldview for the classroom vice president for academic affairs, chief academic officer, and dean of Northland Baptist Bible College as well as the department chair for the Mathematics Education major. He is involved with his local church through the ministries of teaching Sunday school and serving in the youth group. Dr. Goyak and his wife, Stefanie, have three children.


Mr. Greg Dietrich | Interim Director Northland School of Graduate Studies

dietrichDo you desire to remain faithful to the Word of God? Do you long to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ spread to the ends of the earth? Are you burdened to see others evidence faithfulness to the Scriptures? These questions may reveal the true nature of your priorities as a child of God. If your answer to these questions is affirmative, we desire to assist you in any way that we can!

Northland’s School of Graduate Studies exists to enhance the believer’s ability to fulfill the Great Commission for the glory of God. We desire to see our students grow in their ability to minister effectively in our world today. At Northland, you will be sharpened in your exegetical abilities and deepened in your understanding of theology. You will be encouraged to use your giftedness in a local assembly for the edification of others. Further, you will be challenged to abandon personal ambitions for the cause of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The School of Graduate Studies stands within a wonderful tradition of conservative theology and a firm commitment to the truths of God’s Word. In an age where the Word of God is undermined by both direct and subtle attacks, we are committed to defending and proclaiming it accurately to the world. If you desire to grow in your capacity to minister or to hone your ability to communicate the Word of God, please consider enrolling in one of our programs. We invite you to join us!

For Greg’s faculty profile, click here.